Harborside Tower

The Intelligent Choice

The workspace for a high performance generation

1.2 Million SF on full floors of 46,000 SF

Harborside Tower is an innovative culmination of cutting-edge architecture, sustainability, technology and engineering. Jersey City’s first new commercial building in over 20 years brings everything that tenants have come to expect of a state-of-the-art building.

  • Solar Responsive Lights
    and Shading
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Private Loggias
  • High Density Floor Plate
  • LED Signage Opportunity
  • Storm Proofed
  • Unparalleled Views
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  • 600 Car Parking

More Than A Workplace

  • local_diningDining
    1Left Bank Burger Bar
    2BonChon Chicken
    3Taqueria Downtown
    4Park & Sixth
    5Marco & Pepe
    8Orale Mexican Kitchen
    9Edward’s Steakhouse
    10O’Hara’s Downtown
    11Amelia’s Bistro
    12Teppan Bar & Grill
    13Light Horse Tavern
    14Bistro La Source
    15Five Guys
    16Sky Thai Restaurant
    17Amiya Restaurant
    18Hudson’s Grill
    19Porto Leggero
    20Au Bon Pain
    21Tidal Poke Co.
    22Two Boots Pizza
  • storeConveniences / Services
    26Nails & I
    27Virile Barber Shop
    28Coastal Cleaners
    29Duane Reade
    30Ladybird Nail & Spa
    31US Post Office
    32TD Bank ATM
    33Merrill Lynch
    34FedEx Office Ship
    35Bank of America
  • local_barAfter Work
    37Lucky 7 Tavern
    38Pet Shop
    39The Archer
    40South House
    41Skinner's Loft
    42Surf City
    44Satis Bistro
    45Lutze Biergarten
  • hotelHotels
    46The Holland Hotel
    47DoubleTree by Hilton
    48Hyatt Regency
    49Courtyard by Marriott
    50The Westin Jersey City
  • natureGreen Spaces
    51Hamilton Park
    52Van Vorst Park
    53Newport Green Park
    54Morris Canal Park
  • local_mallRetail
    55Bed Bath & Beyond

Convenient.  Connected.  Seamless.

Unparalleled access
to the world’s greatest talent pool.

Convenient, connected and seamless, Jersey City is the ideal choice for companies looking to relocate to a highly accessible location in a 24/7 environment.

  • World Trade Center
    7 mins
  • Tribeca
    13 mins
  • Midtown
    17 mins
  • Williamsburg
    25 mins
  • Grand Central
    40 mins
  • Upper East Side
    44 mins
  • Newark
    25 mins
  • Teterboro
    26 mins
  • LGA
    33 mins

The  Smart  Choice

Companies save $28 Million over a 10 year period when moving their business to New Jersey
30 M
28 M
26 M
24 M
22 M
20 M
18 M
16 M
14 M
12 M
10 M
8 M
6 M
4 M
2 M
2 years
4 years
6 years
8 years
10 years
New jobs at 6 employees per 1,000 SF density
No. of New
Rental Rate
Base Rent
Per Year
Effective rent after incentive

Base award (UTH)
Within 0.5 miles of train station
251-400 jobs
Targeted industry
Per job/Per year
Total per year
  • Tax credits of $5,000 to $9,750 per job/ per year, for up to 10 years for new jobs to the state
  • If occupancy is higher than 6 employees per 1,000 SF, the tenant receives the further benefit, which adds to their NOI
  • Award based on targeted industry
  • Tenant must commit to 1.5 years of term to qualify for 1 year benefit
  • Urban Transit Hub location
  • Doesn't include increases in fixed rent or additional rent payable under the lease
  • Retention benefit could be substantially less than as illustrated
  • Eligibility: Minimum 35 new jobs and/or 50 retained

Design  Meets  Technology

Cutting  Edge  Architecture

  • Penthouse
  • High Rise
  • Mid Rise
  • Low Rise
  • Mezzanine
  • Parking
  • Ground
Penthouse   Level 35   36,960 SF

Level 35
Level 36
Floors 29-34:
Core & Shell

Floor 27:
Core & Shell
Test Fit
Floors 21-26:
Core & Shell
Standard Test Fit
Densified Test Fit

Floor 19:
Core & Shell
Core & Shell
Standard Test Fit
Densified Test Fit
Dining Amenity
Conference Amenity
penthouse hirise midrise lowrise mezzanine parking ground


Level 35
36,960 SF

Level 36
36,960 SF

High Rise
Floors 21-25

Core & Shell
43,554 SF

High Rise Crossover
Floor 27

Core & Shell
43,554 SF

Amenities Test Fit
43,554 SF

Standard Test Fit
43,554 SF

Mid Rise
Floors 29-34

Core & Shell
47,064 SF

Standard Test Fit
42,800 SF

Densified Test Fit
42,800 SF

Mid Rise Crossover
Floor 19

Core & Shell
42,800 SF

Low Rise
Floors 11-18

Core & Shell
46,333 SF

Standard Test Fit
42,800 SF

Densified Test Fit
42,800 SF

Floors 9-10

Dining Amenity
6,673 SF

Conference Amenity
6,673 SF

Floors 3-8

Ground Floor

12,000 SF

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Executive Vice President
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Senior Vice President
T: 973.299.9117
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